PokerStars Marketing Code 2012

Maximize your first PokerStars deposit bonus with a PokerStars marketing code. A PokerStars marketing code that gives a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus + unlocks freerolls: CODE: PSP11872 is an independent blog that works with keeping an eye out for the best PokerStars marketing codes and promotions that currently exist for PokerStars. I started this website becausei was annoyed of the lack of information about the PokerStars marketing codes. Poker players should under no circumstances miss out on promotions nor deposit bonuses – I don’t really understand WHY the poker sites grant privileges to the users who use a marketing code and doesn’t give it to the people who does not type it in – but it is the way it is, and i hope that this website will correct this very issue. PokerStars is at the time of writing the largest Internet poker site in existance and they do accept US players. Thanks to its size it has become one of the most stable and secure poker sites to play poker at.

Use this guide to make sure you enter the marketing code the correct way.

follow the red arrow to find the download button in pokerstars

Follow the red arrow to find the download link at the main menu at

Step 1

Go to and click on DOWNLOAD (the first main menu item at the top left corner)

Step 2

Enter the Poker Stars marketing code: PSP11872 as show on the image in order to secure the maximum first deposit bonus and promotions available today.

Screenshot of pokerstars deposit options

Screenshot of pokerstars deposit options


Step 3

Choose your method of depositing money into PokerStars.

Step 4

Enter the PokerStars bonus code STARS600. This gives you a 100% up to $600 + unlocked freerolls and subsequent re-deposit bonuses. NOTE: you will miss out on the freerolls and the subsequent re-deposit bonuses if you don’t use the PokerStars marketing code before you use the stars600 bonus code.

Good luck at the poker tables and use your money wisely.